Get to Know Your Car: RWD vs FWD

Do you know your car's drivetrain? This component combines multiple parts to move your car down the road. Your drivetrain provides power to your wheels. In a front-wheel drive setup, the power is placed upon the front wheels. In RWD models, the power is placed on the back-end. The real difference is that FWD vehicles are pulled down the road, while in RWD vehicles, your car is pushed down the road.

Most cars have FWD, while trucks may have FWD or AWD. Sports cars may have any variation, but muscle cars typically have RWD. With AWD or all-wheel drive, power is supplied to all wheels and creates a smooth driving experience no matter the conditions of the road. If you live in an area with icy roads, you likely want a FWD or AWD vehicle.

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Source: Walt Blog

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